Elle Ione is a portrait, fashion, and commercial lifestyle photographer based in Tampa, FL. With a background in creative direction and styling, Elle captures an editorial aesthetic for each image and works with clients to create inspiring content for their audience.

Throughout the past 12 years, Elle has worked in the museum, art licensing, and commercial photography industries, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and has showcased work nationally and internationally.

Elle's passion for photography began at 18 when learning to use a 1970s 35mm camera and seeing the beautiful effects of film. Her foundation was based in conceptual art and these emotive and dream-like qualities are still featured in her imagery, now combined with inspirations of fashion and classic film.

Elle enjoys personalizing each photography session with a fine art approach to create compelling, cinematic, and timeless visuals.

· Kind Words ·

"Loved getting the opportunity to shoot with Elle. She's truly a uniquely creative professional with incredible vision. I'm obsessed with this dreamy shoot we did together."

- Bri H.

"Elle is a truly phenomenal photographer. Not only does she take amazing shots, she also makes you feel really comfortable and it was amazing working with her. If you want some amazing professional photographs, I highly recommend Elle!"

- Vivienne T., Model

"Elle is one of the best fashion photographers I have encountered. Her passion for the art and emotion of fashion is manifested in so many ways: 

The depth of her creative process, her collaboration with stylists, make-up artists, and videographers, the vibe of her set (fun, creative, spontaneous, relaxed), and her stewardship of the craft (always in communication with the team she's working with and always ensuring that communication is professional, punctual, and helpful)." 

- Leslie W., Model

"Elle did a phenomenal job with my daughter’s pictures. Her aesthetic and artistic eye brought the pictures to the next level. My daughter was very comfortable during the shoot, enjoyed every minute and is thrilled with the outcome. Thanks Elle!"

- Debbie C.

“Working with Elle was fantastic. Her images truly capture the story and essence of my brand. The final images are magical with the slight glow effect that she manages to showcase. Excited to work with her again and highly recommend the next time you needed a talented editorial photographer.”

- Joelle S., Owner, Peach + Pair

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